Lebanon Turf Grass Seeds & Mulch
Lebanon Turf Grass Seeds & Mulch at Crosby Equipment, Toledo, Ohio
Lebanon Turf Grass Seeds & Mulch

Lebanon Turf Grass Seeds & Mulch

Lebanon Turf Grass Seeds & MulchAt Lebanon Turf, they have but one obsession—creating the industry’s best turf care products. Just ask anyone who’s used them and you’ll see. But don't think for a moment that a few happy customers would satisfy them. They continue to develop the most cutting edge fertilizers, grass seed, mulch, combination, and control products you’ll find anywhere.

Winning Colors—Turf Type Tall Fescue Grass Seed

Winning Colors grass seed is a turf-type tall fescue genetically engineered to give the look of blue grass ( tall, thin blade with dark green color), but without the high maintenance.  Winning colors is a nationally top ranked blend, which is ideal for Northwest Ohio.  Blue grass (commonly used on many golf courses) is a high maintenance seed, requiring lots of water, fertilizer, and cutting.  Winning Colors gives the look of blue grass but is low maintenance seed requiring less water, fertilizer, and cutting.  It is also drought resistant.  Excellent for sandy soil conditions. 

Sale Price

50 lbs. Bag:  $ 68.99 Local Sale Only.

Contractors Mix

Contractors Mix is an economical grass seed mix for quick establishment on all sights.  It's a combination of Sun and Shade Formula, Annual and Perennial Ryegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Creeping Red Fescue.

Sale Price:50 lb. Bag:  $63.99 Local Sale Only.

Sun & Shade Grass Seed

You can’t miss with Lebanon Turf’s sun & shade grass seed. The custom blend consists of an even one-third mix of tall fescue, rye, and blue grass, giving you the best mix for any type of sun or shade conditions. This all around seed grows well in most soils. Over time, this blend will adjust to the conditions that are present.

Sale Price:50lb. Bag:   $67.99 Local Sale Only.

Penn Mulch W/Fertilizer

“What is Penn Mulch?” you ask.  Penn mulch is a pelletized seed establishment product used by professional landscape contractors when installing new lawns or repairing existing lawns instead of straw.  Penn mulch is water absorbing with starter fertilizer blended in, it can be applied by walk behind spreader.  Penn mulch absorbs 3-4 times its weight in water and expands 2-3 times in size for better, faster seed germination and establishment.  Penn Mulch enhances new seed germination 36%, because of its moisture retention capability.  Penn Mulch is better than straw because it applies easier and faster, won’t blow away in wind, and will completely decompose in the lawn.  Penn mulch’s attractive green color is aesthetically pleasing, similar to hydro-seeding.

Sale Price:50lb. Bag:   $19.99 Local Sale Only.

RoundUp DryPak

Controls many weeds and grasses around buildings, trees, fences, sidewalks, shrub and flower beds.

  • Mix 1 Pak with 1 gallon of water to make 1 gallon of RoundUp.

Sale Price:  $4.99 per Pak  Local Sale Only.




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